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17 Feb 2016 Edited

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Shade 25 Nov 2016 Edited
Can you test the attached file? Replace inc/plugins/MyFacebookConnect/class_facebook.php with this one.

You should update PluginLibrary to the latest version which is compatible with MyBB 1.8.
schedar 25 Nov 2016
Thanks for quick response. I have fixed plugin compatibility issue.
I have also replaced class_facebook.php file with the one you attached but that didn't solve the problem. I still get logged in as first person that registered via Facebook.

Earlier you were able to register normally as "Philip Kohen" because I was testing forum and removed all user accounts. So you were actually the first user that used registration method via Facebook. After that I have authenticated myself with my FB account and logged in as "Philip Kohen".
Shade 25 Nov 2016 Edited
Sorry, my fault. Used an old patch. Here's the new one, please test it. Also, if you can head to the homepage's chat it would be nice, so we can talk faster.
AlexanderPep 25 Nov 2016
The first register is ok. My members were connected accounts forum administrators with this plugin. I uninstalled soon as I heard .... Next time I hope not happen again. I will waiting for new version...or new update for solve this problem !
Shade 25 Nov 2016 Edited

MyFacebook Connect 3.1 is out

This is a security release. Users should update the plugin as soon as possible to prevent potential security issues!

Same hashed value bug addressed

A critical bug affecting 32-bit systems has been addressed. PHP's (int) casting truncate integers to 2,147,483,647 if it exceeds this limit on 32-bit installations. Facebook identifiers are longer (higher values) so they were always truncated to the same value, leading to potential security problems if the first user who logged in with Facebook had higher privileges inside the board.

Note that malicious users COULD NOT access the administrator panel, since MyFacebook Connect does not work on the backend side.

Special thanks to @AlexanderPep and @schedar for reporting the bug.

How to update

Unzip the package and replace the old files with the new ones. Running the upgrade script is not required if you are on 3.0, otherwise you'll be asked to execute it.
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Eldenroot 25 Nov 2016
How to update guide is missing (link is broken). I checked changed files so from 3.0 to 3.1 just replacing files is enough, right? Thank you very much!
Shade 26 Nov 2016
I know the link is broken, but the update instructions are stated into the release notes in the post above.
schedar 26 Nov 2016
Everything seems to work perfectly. Thanks a lot for support!
AlexanderPep 26 Nov 2016
Nice Shade
Eldenroot 16 Feb 2017
@Shade - what do you think - is possible to get avatars over https? I created an issue (GitHub)