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wonderweiss 8 Nov 2016
Hi. I got error

'[' in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/inc/plugins/myfbconnect.php on line 45
Shade 9 Nov 2016
You don't meet the minimum requirements. PHP 5.4 or above is mandatory.
wonderweiss 9 Nov 2016
So how to safely remove the files ?? Because it still activated but cannot install
Shade 9 Nov 2016
Just remove them.
schedar 24 Nov 2016 Edited
There indeed seems to be a bug as AlexanderPep reported. First registration to myBB via facebook works just fine. However if another user tries to register with different facebook account (and different email address) he ends up being logged in as the user already registered with different email address.
So for example John Doe ([email protected]) will register via fb as user1. Then Jane Doe ([email protected]) will try to register via fb and ends up being logged in as John Doe. I have clean installation of myBB so there should be no conflicts with other plugins. Can you offer any advice?

You can see it yourself:
It will always log you as pasza_fb

Email: [email protected]

Shade 24 Nov 2016 Edited
Thank you for your report. I may know why this happens; just some servers might be affected. It's likely I will push an update as soon as possible given this is a potential security issue. In the meantime, uninstall or deactivate the plugin.

Can you screenshot the current database structure for the myfb_uid field in your _users table @schedar? It should be varchar(32).
schedar 24 Nov 2016
I'm attaching database structure screenshots.
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Eldenroot 24 Nov 2016
@Shade - there is an empty option in plugin setting in ACP (ON/OFF without any text) - latest version
Shade 25 Nov 2016 Edited
@Shade - there is an empty option in plugin setting in ACP (ON/OFF without any text) - latest version
Eldenroot (24 Nov 2016)
Thank you for the report @Eldenroot. Will check it out ASAP and eventually add it to MyFacebook Connect development.

I'm attaching database structure screenshots.
schedar (24 Nov 2016)
The structure seems ok as far as I am concerned. I've tried a test on your board and it successfully creates a new account instead of logging into another account, so I cannot reproduce the bug. You can delete it if you want (I've used the test account named "Philip Kohen").
schedar 25 Nov 2016 Edited
I've noticed your account. And after you've registered I tried to login with my facebook and ended up logged in as you. See the screenshot.
[Image: ZpW7FEa.png]

Things to know for troubleshooting is that there is some version incompatibility warning. However MyGoogle+ Connect works okay.
[Image: jnUd8ih.png]

I have also skipped submitting items for approval in facebook developer page. Also I had few bug reports yesterday with code 0:
mybb/myfbconnect/src/Facebook/Helpers/FacebookRedirectLoginHelper.php line 244
But they are not recurring.