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pctehno 24 Mar 2017
Shade 24 Mar 2017
Works fine for me.
pctehno 24 Mar 2017
It works fine everything except redirection. It redirect good first time after "permission check" and give options to chose facebook data (bio,name,email etc) and after click "register" for me (try with couple facebook acc) it bring window with successfully registered and than open facebook page
JokersXS 2 Apr 2017
Same Issue here.
1. When I try to register with facebook and I'm already logged in to facebook, anything works fine!
2. When I try to register with facebook and I'm not logged in to facebook, first I have to login to my Facebook Account, then I can choose the informations I want to import from my Facebook account. Once I click register, the App redirects me back to Facebook.

Any suggestions?
Shade 2 Apr 2017
I am not at home right now, and I won't be for other 8 days, but I have a MFC update in mind given it produces mixed content (Problem Using this plugin with HTTPS) so it's likely I will test this issue out.
pctehno 5 Apr 2017
My page is http not https.
Shade 5 Apr 2017
Doesn't matter. Your issue is not related to the one I posted above; but since I must address that issue, I will test and eventually address yours too when I will have some spare time.
pctehno 5 Apr 2017
Ok thanks for your time.
Eldenroot 6 Apr 2017
@pctehno - if you use DVZ secure - enable image proxy for avatars, it will fix your issue
JokersXS 9 Apr 2017
FB did not verify the app.

[Image: gE2yioL.jpg]