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17 Feb 2016 Edited

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cacacolass 25 Apr
Thanks for sharing.
Nice plugin.
Thank you
Eldenroot 25 Apr
Thx, great! Update, seems to be fine!
cacacolass 27 Apr
I have a question, a user registered with his facebook account, I assigned him the administrator profile but he does not allow him to enter the administration panel. It asks for username and password.
Shade 27 Apr
The password is sent to the user upon registering via PM, if you have enabled it. Otherwise you will have to set a password for him by editing his profile within the ACP.
nixer55 4 Aug
I see FB has announced some changes with the Graph API for user profile pictures. If FB logins don't pull a profile pic, not a huge deal I guess, but no idea if this plugin will be so impacted.

Facebook announcement:
Shade 4 Aug
Yes, this will require some adjustments. Fortunately the change won't happen until 3 months from now, which is enough for me to add a fix.
nixer55 4 Aug
Great news Shade, thanks for the update!

Shade 9 Aug

PUBLIC ADDRESS LOUDSPEAKER MyFacebook Connect 3.6 is out

This is a bugfix and API update release.

FIRE Facebook's Graph API bumped from v6.0 to v8.0
BUG removed cover endpoint causing a "Missing permissions" error
BUG removed deprecated "verified" functionality

Upgrading to version 3.6

KEYCAP 1 upload and overwrite the old files
KEYCAP 2 run the upgrade script from the Admin Control Panel when asked
nixer55 Yesterday, 1:58
Not sure if 3.6 addresses the client or app token needed to access FB profile pics as of Oct 23. Guess we'll see!
Shade Yesterday, 11:22
It does not. I haven't had the time to look into it. I guess I'll fix this urgently.