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Hi, I am a passionate developer with modernity and simplicity in mind. MyBBoost is my mansion where you can download my plugins and themes, other than receiving support for them. Several free plugins are available as well as premium ones, all compatible with the latest MyBB releases. You can purchase and download items singularly or purchase a lifetime subscription including a combination of premium plugins and:

  • Priority support
  • Future plugins access
  • Total refund if not satisfied 1
1 Terms and conditions apply. For more informations, read the EULA.

The lounge

Introductions New

Introduce yourself to the community with a meaningful presentation of who you are, where you live and what you do!

by Shade in tiny brain complacation

Announcements New

Keep up to date with MyBBoost latest improvements and releases!

by Eldenroot in The mighty return: ThunderBoard is back!

Tips & tricks New

Some tips & tricks for both users and developers for everything concerning the MyBB world.

by WallBB in Use SendGrid to send emails through MyBB

Feedbacks and suggestions New

Do you have something to complain or suggest? This is the right place to do so.

by Shade in Thunderboard Bug Report

Private inquiries

Want to get a quote for your project but not spoil it to the public, or talk privately with the staff? This is the right place to do so.


Requests New

Want to make a request for a plugin you need? Post a formal request here and see how long will it take and how much will cost to you.

by Shade in What theme is?

Premium Plugins

BankPipe New

Add an advanced payments manager with subscriptions and single-item purchases, powered by PayPal.

by andrewjs18 in allow plugins to hook into bankpipe

Flyover New

Let your users login and register with 20+ social networks with ease.

by Shade in I don't know where to insert the login button :(

Hovercards New

Hover a username to generate a delightful preview of the user's profile.

by Brody in Hovercards 1.0

Endless New

Replace MyBB pagination with a modern and classy infinite scrolling.

by Shade in Forum spacing not correct

Drafts AutoSave New

Save your posts and threads as drafts while typing so you ALWAYS have a full backup!

by Shade in Preview/Editor text bug

MyDropzone New

Enhance your attachments with a reliable drag and drop solution. Using AJAX, of course.

by Shade in MyDropzone 1.1

Change Author on Edit New

Change the author of a thread upon editing the first post.

by Shade in Change Author on Edit 1.0

Free plugins

MyFacebook Connect New

Login and register with Facebook using a lightweight and solid interface.

by Shade in MyFacebook Connect 3.4

MyTwitter Connect New

Login and register with Twitter using a lightweight and solid interface.

by Shade in How to install

MyGoogle+ Connect New

Login and register with Google+ using a lightweight and solid interface.

by Mısırga in Turkish language files for MyGoogle+ Connect 2.2

FASTyle New

Save templates and stylesheets on the go using the power of AJAX.

by Serpius in FASTyle 2.0

Inline Success Messages New

Display an inline success message instead of an ugly and slow redirection page as a visual feedback for any actions on your forum.

by 8guawong in Inline Success Messages 2.1

QuickReferences New

Quickly refer to any thread with a GitHub-like syntax by typing "#" followed by the name of the thread.

by ThistleProse in Changing "#" into like "$"?

Moderation Alerts Pack New

Add more alert types to MyAlerts, including up to 25 actions made with moderation tools.

by xienon in Moderation Alerts Pack 4.0

Letter Avatars New

Create Google-style, elegant default avatars with initials taken from usernames.

by Shade in Letter Avatars 1.0.2

Free themes

Whisper New

A stunning theme with advanced analytics for your Admin Control Panel.

by Shade in Whisper 1.0.1


ThunderBoard New

Light-speed page loads for any MyBB forum. Automatically compresses resources and AJAXifies the whole site in a blink of an eye.

by Shade in ThunderBoard beta 5


Happy testing New

Post whatever you want here and test our plugins. This forum is unmoderated (but spam will be deleted).

by Shade in test