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    GXD3S 5 Mar in Flyover 2.1
    Strangely enough I wasn't able to reproduce it either. I suppose it was just a one-off bug, or some oddity was conflicting with it.
    Reinstalled it on a new board and works like a charm.
    GXD3S 12 Feb in Flyover 2.1
    Attempted to try the 2.0 pre-release but I just get the error below when trying to login via Discord/Steam.
    Unsure what's causing the issue, running an almost-fresh copy of MyBB 1.8.19.

    -- EDIT --
    Disabling the Discord option seems to have fixed the issue. Steam works like a charm at least.
    GXD3S 7 Apr 2018 in Flyover 2.1
    Just a quick update. Steam's changed their OpenID links from http to https, causing Steam logins to break since there's no backup redirect for it or anything.

    A quick fix for me was just changing "http" to "https" of the links on line 17 & 23 in Steam.php located here -> /inc/plugins/Flyover/hybr...
    Oh, you're right, fixed the problem right away. Thanks!
    I've just installed FASTyle 2.0 and when I try to go to the section under templates, it loads, however, none of the options are clickable (or at least reacts to me clicking it). I try to click on Templates to see the list of them, but nothing happens, and so on for Stylesheets, and Javascript.

    I ...