FASTyle Module Not Working

28 Dec 2017
This issue is marked as solved
I've just installed FASTyle 2.0 and when I try to go to the section under templates, it loads, however, none of the options are clickable (or at least reacts to me clicking it). I try to click on Templates to see the list of them, but nothing happens, and so on for Stylesheets, and Javascript.

I had the previous version of FASTyle installed, however, before uploading the files for 2.0, I deactivated it and uninstalled it through the ACP. I'm not sure if there could be a problem with that, or if it's possibly something else?
Shade 28 Dec 2017
It’s most likely a cache issue. Wipe your browser’s cache, or if you are using Cloudflare or similar, wipe the remote cache.
GXD3S 31 Dec 2017
Oh, you're right, fixed the problem right away. Thanks!