Shade 30 Apr 2018
I will look at your issue ASAP. I’m currently not at home, but I will when I’ll come back.
Shade 30 Apr 2018
Can you share your board URL and temporary admin credentials (privately) please? I don't have a test board with PHP 7.2 at the moment.
Jack Batch 2 May 2018
Any luck
Shade 2 May 2018
I yet have to receive your board URL and credentials. Can’t debug without them.
Shade 3 May 2018 Edited

Flyover 1.4 is out

This is a bugfix release. Thanks to Jack Batch I have found and fixed some critical issues affecting some environments. In order to clean up the versions available due to some hotfixes released in the past months (and some issues with my git environment), I have decided to set a new minor release.

To update, simply replace the old files and run the upgrade script to update the version number.
Shade 9 May 2018

Flyover 1.5 is out

This is a bugfix and security release. It is highly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible. It fixes:
  • 3 reported issues in servers with MySQL's Strict Mode enabled;
  • Facebook's deprecated user permissions;
  • a medium risk security vulnerability which as part of a responsible disclosure won't be explained to the general public. If you are a subscriber and want to know more about this issue, please PM me.

Special thanks to Quinn Humphreys and Jack Batch who helped me spotting them.

To upgrade, simply overwrite the old files with the new ones and run the upgrade script. As always, if you encounter any issue please report them either here or in a new thread, thank you.
bijumk 9 May 2018
Hello shade

while clicking on the flyer menu under configuration, Im getting the following error
Warning [2] require(/home/admin/modules/config/flyover.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory - Line: 766 - File: admin/index.php PHP 5.4.16 (Linux)

File Line Function
/admin/index.php 766 errorHandler->error
/admin/index.php 766 require
Shade 9 May 2018
Ensure /admin/modules/config/flyover.php exists. You must upload all the files contained in the release package to your server.
Jack Batch 10 May 2018
Woo another shoutout :) anytime Shade like we discussed if you need a test site with strict mode feel free to use ftp and test it out :)
bijumk 12 May 2018
another issue, just started to try the plugin by creating a google login. But Google returned an error after sign in- saying " The app is not verified yet and proceed only when you know the developer..proceeded through the advanced menu... but mybb also returned error

An error occurred trying to accomplish your request. A bug report has been generated and it's available in the administration panel. If you are not an administrator, contact one as soon as possible and tell him you have landed on this page. You may also try logging in once again and see if it was just a temporary error. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But I could not find any bug reports in admin panel

Tried to configure the facebook login also, but when clicking the facebook icon from the flyover menu.. gets a 404 error

Please help me to solve the errors