[BUG] Facebook registering results in email = 1

7 Jan
This issue is marked as solved
When I click on Login with Facebook and don't have an account yet it shows me the Flyover registration page with my username and email prefilled and all the boxes ticked ✅. Although when I click Save at the bottom, the text in email changes to "1" and an error ❌ states: "The email address you entered is invalid. Please enter a valid email address.". When I manually change that input field to my email address and click Save again it still fires the error.

When I start over, go back and click login with Facebook again, and this time untick the "Email" in the checkboxes and click Save there is no error but the email field is also not saved as a Custom Profile Field.

Ps. I set up Custom Profile Fields for every field prior to testing and see this bug.
Shade 7 Jan Edited
Try to disable the email as custom profile field. Must be an incompatibility, without looking at the code I suppose the custom profile field overwrites the standard email input.
Shade 7 Jan Edited
So yeah, email must be disabled as it conflicts with the actual email input field. Will be fixed in the next version. Disable the email in each provider's sync panel.