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Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I announce that I cease all development and activity in the programming universe indefinitely. My career has reached the turning point I was not expecting for at least another year, leaving me highly off guard and without laid-out plans for this hobby's continuity. I have begun a 5-year residency program in Neurosurgery which is clearly not compatible, time-wise, with programming.

I gave in all my passion for developing, and you gave me back your loyalty and trust, even when I did not deserve that much. Now it is the time for payback. I release all my present and past work as Open Source software, in the hope some talented developer will continue maintaining and expanding my vision of a modern, sleek forum software. The intrinsic flexibility of MyBB is the true hidden gem of an otherwise outdated codebase; I do hope the project can continue and be updated complying to the latest coding standards.

I hereby thank Euan, kawaii, andrewjs18, Ben, Matt, Omar G., effone, Eric J., Devilshakerz, Wildcard, JordanMussi and all the other team members I have had the opportunity to work with when I was a MyBB team member. I thank Tomm M, my mentor, who inspired me to pick up coding with his piece-of-art plugins. And finally, I thank all of you MyBBoost subscribers who have helped me getting through my toughest university years economically.

Yours sincerely, Filippo

Symposium beta 3

27 Oct 2019 Edited
Symposium is a simple yet elegant conversation-based interface which replaces MyBB's email-based private messaging system.

Symposium is currently running on MyBBoost. Click on the mail icon in the header to access conversations and test it.

Minimum requirements

PHP 7.1
MyBB 1.8.0
664 chmod permissions on inc/functions_user.php and global.php


Modern chat feeling

Messages are displayed in a modern fashion, inspired by WhatsApp's design. Own messages are displayed on the right side while others' messages are placed on the left in a different color. Folders are hidden and give way to a single page with all active conversations, all in one place.

Easy read status

Messages sent have a little double check icon which turns blue when the recipient reads the message. This allows for quick visualization of a message read status, and replaces de facto the old tracking page.

Smooth integration

Symposium is compatible with most of other plugins as long as they use the native MyBB pm class, which is often if not always the case. This is possible because Symposium does not run separately from the native PM system, but integrates within it and enhances it while keeping its structure and functions intact. Some examples? MyAlerts, PM on registration, Newpoints, Flyover 2.4, BankPipe beta 11... they are all working out of the box.

Converter with backwards compatibility

Symposium automatically sorts and converts existing private messages into conversations upon install. When you uninstall the plugin, your messages will still be there, except if you have deleted them when Symposium was installed.

WARNING SIGN If you did not have copies of sent messages in your "Sent" folder before Symposium was installed, conversations will just include the other user's messages and will look like a monologue. Messages sent from when Symposium has been installed onwards will have hard copies in the "Sent" folder by default.

Mass deleting

Deleting PMs has always been painful and limited, due to many PMs belonging to the same person. Symposium boosts messages deletion by allowing users to delete multiple, entire conversations and/or messages at once.

WARNING SIGN If you enable the "Move to trash" setting, PMs will be moved to the Trash bin folder instead of being deleted permanently. However, they will not be displayed, as Symposium does not (yet) feature a Trash folder.

CALENDAR since messages sent are hard copied into the sender's "Sent" folder, in future releases you will be able to set a timespan during which an user can delete messages for him and the recipient(s), after which he can only delete his own messages.

Editor support

Symposium replicates the default editor settings by using the codebuttons template, exactly like in posts. Plugins which hook into or use this template are also supported (eg.: Rin Editor). The editor is loaded both in the new conversation page and in quick replies.

Group chat support

Symposium allows group chats. Users can send the same message to several recipients at once, whom will see the message within the same conversation.


Upload the files maintaining the same folder structure as they come in the package and click the button Install & activate within your board's plugin list.

Convert existing private messages

Symposium can convert existing private messages to conversations. The process does not alter existing private messages but it adds columns and tables in the database, so you will be able to go back anytime by uninstalling Symposium.

WARNING SIGN Before starting the conversion, ensure your /cache folder has 777 chmod permissions.

In the plugins list under Symposium's row you will notice a text saying you have a certain number of PMs to convert. Start the conversion by clicking on the homonym button. The process will be performed incrementally and progress will be displayed in real time.

WARNING SIGN Do not close the page before the conversion is over.

Templates and stylesheets

Symposium adds a CSS file named symposium.css to every theme of your board, and several templates with the symposium_ prefix. You can customize the plugin's appearance by editing the stylesheet's CSS rules and templates.

Reporting issues

If you encounter an issue, feel free to open a new thread in this forum with detailed instructions on how to reproduce your issue. Suggestions and feature requests are appreciated as well.


Symposium is available for free. WARNING SIGN Support is discontinued due to my departure from programming. Read more why here.

This project is licensed under


A simple license with little to no use restrictions, except for author's crediting. Read the provided LICENSE file for more informations.


Commercial use
Private use


License notice
Copyright notice
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Shade 31 Oct 2019

PUBLIC ADDRESS LOUDSPEAKER Symposium beta 2 is out

The second beta of Symposium is now available. This version fixes some reported bugs which may prevent the plugin from installing properly and adds support for header notifications about new conversations.

Notable changes and fixes

BUG fixed Plugin List Disappears. Reported by @RocketFoot
BUG fixed avatar for users without one set. Reported by @ProX in Current bugs - beta 1
BUG fixed conversation name with the proper username for email notifications. In beta 1, the notification would contain the user's own name instead of the actual recipient
SQUARED NEW added header notifications. Requested by @ProX in Current bugs - beta 1

WARNING SIGN beta 2 adds core edits. These are applied automatically upon install, and can be managed with an handy button under Symposium's row in your plugins list.

Upgrading to beta 2

Make a backup of your database before upgrading. The upgrade process is straightforward:
KEYCAP 1 upload the new version maintaining the same folder structure as in the release package
KEYCAP 2 apply the core edits by clicking on the button "Apply core edits" within Symposium's row in your plugins list
KEYCAP 3 create a template in your theme called symposium_pm_notice and populate it with inc/plugins/Symposium/templates/pm_notice.html file content.

If you have a small board (eg.: less than 10.000 PMs in total), it's probably more convenient to skip steps KEYCAP 2 and KEYCAP 3 and simply uninstall, reinstall the plugin and convert PMs again.
Shade 7 Sep 2020 Edited

PUBLIC ADDRESS LOUDSPEAKER Symposium beta 3 is out

The third beta of Symposium is now available. This version steps up the game by adding a search functionality for conversation titles, the ability to delete messages, and support for group chats. It also fixes some reported issues and improves the general stability of the plugin.

Notable changes and fixes

BUG fixed "Send PM" button on post / profile not working. Reported by @Aristide Chypre
BUG fixed MyBB Engine Messaging. Reported by @Omnipotent
BUG fixed issue with the header notice not displaying the correct sender
BUG fixed Username style not shown on PM list?. Reported by @Dr.Jeet
BUG fixed Missing text when delay between PMs is set. Reported by @ProX
FIRE improved PM converter, with a more precise handling of existing messages and faster processing
FIRE slight improvements to the UI
SQUARED NEW search conversation titles (WARNING SIGN this DOES NOT allow to search for individual messages)
SQUARED NEW delete messages in conversations
SQUARED NEW group chats support

Upgrading to beta 3

WARNING SIGN Symposium does not feature an automatic upgrader (yet). If you are coming from beta 2, make a backup of your database and your theme before upgrading, as you will need to uninstall and reinstall the plugin, losing all customizations on your templates.

WARNING SIGN As the process involves reinstalling the plugin, you will need to convert all PMs again. This might be cumbersome for large boards (20k+ PMs), but it is a necessary procedure.

KEYCAP 1 delete the inc/plugins/Symposium folder
KEYCAP 2 upload the new version maintaining the same folder structure as in the release package
KEYCAP 3 uninstall the plugin. This is done as third step because beta 2 does not revert core edits automatically upon uninstalling
KEYCAP 4 install the plugin
KEYCAP 5 convert all PMs by clicking on the converter button
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