3 Nov #1

"Send PM" button on post / profile not working

Advanced subscriber
When trying to send PM to a user by clicking on "Send pm" in forum post or in profile.
Link redirect to correct url

But uid is "undefined" in the new conversation recipient.
This error is also happening on mybboost.
Oops my bad, it is working anyway (but I thought the first time sending the message wasn't working o.O)
RocketFoot 4 Nov
This is a noted bug that Shade said will be fixed in the next Beta...I noticed the same thing on my forum when I tested it.
Shade 4 Nov
This should be actually working in beta 2 as long as select2's option "multiple" is set to true; it's not here due to styling reasons. A definitive fix (which implies "multiple" to be always true) will be carried out in beta 3 which will support multiple participants in a single chat.