Current bugs - beta 1

28 Oct 2019 Edited
This issue is marked as solved
1. Notification text for new private messages has an error that needs to be changed from pmid to convid.

It seems like global.php needs a change
from pm.pmid
to something like pm.convid as pmid

Then global.lang.php needs change from pmid to convid



2. The default avatar is not set if the user has no avatar.
This is how I fixed it
if(empty($user['avatar'])) {
$user['avatar'] = '/images/default_avatar.png';
3. The user can't send PM via /private.php?action=send&uid=1

PS: Shade is it necessary to have both symposium and old private message table, because it is doubling the size of sql for private messages?
Shade 28 Oct 2019 Edited
I've fixed number 2 and 3 already in my local version. I'm going to fix the first as well soon.

Yes, it's necessary. Symposium does not save PMs, but relies on the old table to display and handle messages. Symposium's tables are basically just metadata and are necessary to associate each PM with its own conversation. Each convo has an unique hash generated by the sorted array of participants.

Size should not be doubled though, as Symposium just saves the last message per each conversation per each user; also most of the VPS/hosting allow unlimited or very high storage caps so it shouldn't be much of an issue.