MyDropzone 1.2

18 Oct 2016 Edited
MyDropzone replaces MyBB's default attachments behavior with a reliable drag and drop solution (Dropzone.js) which uses AJAX instead. Uploading an attachment becomes extremely easy and fast.

MyDropzone adds 1 stylesheet and 3 templates which overwrite the default ones during runtime. Existing templates are not edited nor deleted.

Minimum requirements

PHP 5.4
MyBB 1.8.0


MyDropzone does not come with many complicated features other than being a neat replacement for the attachments box, and that's pretty much it. MyDropzone inherits all the existing attachments features – except for approving/unapproving, which is not available in the current version. A special mention goes to support which lets your users upload images anonymously to and the generated URL will be added to their messages as soon as the upload finishes.

Quick reply attachments

MyDropzone adds support for posting attachments from quick reply. However, it does not edit any templates, so in order to use this functionality you need to alter templates by yourself. This decision was made because in the past, many lamented that a particular functionality in other plugins was not working while they were using a custom theme and the search and replace routine was not able to find the associated pattern.

If you want to enable your users to post attachments from quick reply, edit your showthread_quickreply template, and add the following variable wherever you want the box to appear:

This loads nothing but the post_attachments template as it does in New Reply, New Thread, Edit Post, etc.. Once you style the attachment box, quick reply automatically inherits the same styling.

Multiple attachments simultaneously

MyDropzone supports uploading multiple attachments at the same time. Just drag and drop how many attachments you want to upload, and it will handle all of them at once till the maximum limit (which inherits from the attachments system settings) is reached.

This feature is also available on stock MyBB 1.8.19 onwards. support informations

How to get the Client ID

In order to upload images to Imgur, you need to enter a Client ID in MyDropzone settings, otherwise the plugin will fall back to default server uploading.

If you do not have an account, register for free and go to this page to create a new application. Fill the informations and select Anonymous usage without user authorization under Authorization type.

When you have finished, go to this page and copy the Client ID, add it to MyDropzone settings and enjoy.

Rate limits limits their API usage to 1250 uploads per day. Although this should be ok with most of MyBB boards out there, if you are running a big board (100k+ users) you may want to switch to normal image handling. For more informations on limitations imposed by, visit this page.

Notice under the attachment box

Due to the fact that MyDropzone does not edit templates, I have added a notice to the mydropzone_attachments_new template informing users that their images are posted to Imgur. If you are not willing to use this feature, delete the corresponding HTML you can find in the template.


You can completely customize MyDropzone's appearance by tweaking with its templates (MyDropzone Templates Group) and its stylesheet (mydropzone.css). Support will be given when possible.


MyDropzone is compatible with MyBB 1.8.0+ and PHP 5.4+. Browser compatibility is listed on Dropzone.js documentation.


[Image: iRGMPtG.png]
[Image: UhyhyjY.gif]


A Basic, Advanced or Ultimate subscription is required to download MyDropzone (click here to subscribe). Alternatively, you can perform a single purchase by adding the item to your cart and checkout at a later date. You can purchase using PayPal or several cryptocurrencies. Every successful payment lasts forever and may be refunded within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

Before purchasing or subscribing, read the End-User License Agreement (EULA).
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Shade 22 May 2020
Just turn off Imgur. All images are then treated like normal attachments and can be uploaded to your server instead of Imgur.
Seeker-Smith 22 May 2020
For remote images this works
Hüseyin Filiz 22 May 2020 Edited

Imgur is already closed. I want to be able to upload attachments with url. Is something like this possible?

I also have a problem with local translations. There are English texts in JS. I translated these, but there is no multilanguage support.
Shade 22 May 2020
That is exactly how MyDropzone works, I don’t understand your issue.

Local translations can be made by copying inc/languages/english/mydropzone.lang.php and inc/languages/english/admin/mydropzone.lang.php into your language folder (eg: inc/languages/turkish/mydropzone.lang.php and admin alike). Then, edit the strings inside those files.
Hüseyin Filiz 22 May 2020
There is no problem. Just a suggestion for future updates.

"dictDefaultMessage: Drop files..." no language support.

I was hoping could say the minor problems and requests. I writing to the wrong topic for this?
Shade 22 May 2020
I can add localization strings for Dropzone.js. I am still unsure as I would like to switch over Uppy, but I had encountered some issues in the past and I have been waiting for an update on their side. I am also busy at the moment until July so don't expect it soon.
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nixer55 22 Jul 2020
Anybody gone live with 1823? Any issues?

nixer55 23 Jul 2020
Anybody gone live with 1823? Any issues?

nixer55 (22 Jul 2020)
Following up with this - still not live, but have updated my test system with the changed file package. Test system is the exact files and database as our live board - but a local copy. For MyDropZone - uninstall - then install and activate. Just deactivate / reactivate alone will cause some issues, even after re-applying core edits.

Still testing - the local system doesn't have mail, ssl, and dns. But is otherwise very close to prod. Upgrade looks good so far, so will make the jump live next week.

nixer55 29 Jul 2020 Edited
Spoke too soon, but not a huge deal - yet. Went live with 1823, noticed couldn't delete an existing legacy attachment. Confirmed in test, but hadn't looked at that unfortunately.
Jopie 29 Jul 2020
Can you make it work with too?