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Shade 13 Mar
Thank you for your report, I can confirm the issue. Will be fixed in the next update. If you want to apply the patch manually in 1.2, open inc/plugins/mydropzone.php, find around line 383:

$attachwhere "pid='$pid'";
$attachwhere "posthash='".$db->escape_string($posthash)."'";
Replace with:

$attachwhere "posthash='".$db->escape_string(md5($thread['tid'].$mybb->user['uid'].random_str()))."'"
Seeker-Smith 14 Mar Edited
So I'm removing the whole section or just the $attachwhere = "posthash='" line??

I've just changed the one line and it does appear to be working correctly
Shade 14 Mar
The whole section.
Seeker-Smith 14 Mar
I get the same issue when I change the whole section. All my attachments show.
Shade 14 Mar
Sorry, you also have to add:

to the global line above.

So, find on line 369:

global $mybb$forumpermissions$pid$db$templates$lang$attachbox$theme
Replace with:

global $mybb$forumpermissions$pid$db$templates$lang$attachbox$theme$thread
Seeker-Smith 14 Mar
That did the trick. Thanks!!
Seeker-Smith 18 Mar
Hi Shade
I hope are getting better for you over there. Canada where I am is in lock down (3 weeks late).

Anyway I don't know if you can help or offer a suggestion. I'm using MyBBlog as a plugin and I'd like to add the attachment {$attachbox} to the editor. Do you think it's possible?
Shade 20 Mar
Unfortunately, third party plugins are not supported.
Seeker-Smith 20 Mar
I understand.
My forum members like to upload images to the site. I mean, they like that the images are hosted on my server rather than on a different server. They want to copy the link of the image from another site and quickly upload it to my server.

I suggest you add this: Link address field when uploading images to attachments. The image on the external server should be automatically uploaded to my server. Like uploading images from a computer. The only difference is with the url.

Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand.