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honger 31 Jul
Is it possible to change the resolution of avatars? Despite of using 2:1 (125x250px) avatars, the plugin forces 75x75 resolution (in the inline styling) and I can't really find a way to change it.
Shade 31 Jul
Unfortunately no, ui-avatars.com only allows for 1:1 ratios.

ui-avatars not working?
Is there a solution?
Shade 15 Oct
Seems like their servers are adjusting, just wait it out a bit. Remember to clear your cache and try again in some hours. If the issue persists, let me know.
@Shade I cleared the cache. The problem persists. Has anyone found a solution?
Shade 15 Oct
Seems like that particular background color (7f3ebc) is not supported. You can remove the user avatar or reassign avatars with the button in your ACP to solve.

Example of a different color working: https://ui-avatars.com/api/?name=test&si...t-size=0.6
Randomize Letter Avatars.

The problem seems to be solved temporarily. The same problem persists with newly registered members.
Shade 15 Oct
I have no control over the server, I am not its owner. They must have changed something lately, I am sure they are aware of the issue since it's a high volume website. Be patient a little bit.