Letter Avatars 1.0.2

10 Oct 2018 Edited

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sappy#1570 26 May Edited
I double checked, and it seems like their servers are changing at the moment. We should wait and see how the API will change as it looks like the endpoint is different from region to region.
Shade (26 May)
Thanks, shade hope the final edits is enough until they migrate their servers.
Hüseyin Filiz 26 May Edited

I have the same problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
The problem seems to have improved today.

It's work: https://www.mybboost.com/thread-release-...38#pid3838
Hüseyin Filiz 29 May Edited

Not working:
"fontsize" not working. Replace again "font-size".
abid khan 7 Jun
I have installed and activated the plugin, did my settings and clicked "Assign avatars to users with no avatar" but didn't see any change in the avatars :( Is this plugin still works?

P.S. I tried on default theme.
Shade 7 Jun
Yes, Letter Avatars still works. What's your board url?
abid khan 7 Jun Edited

Any help, I am looking forward to get it working. Thanks.
Shade 7 Jun
Letter Avatars sets a remote avatar, which is currently disabled on your site. You will need to allow remote avatars in your settings.
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abid khan 7 Jun
Thank You <3

It Worked.
Dr.Jeet 15 Jul
I can't get a rounded avatar. I enable it in setting even it remains square.
Will it remove already avatar of users?
Thank you.