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10 Oct 2018 Edited

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Shade 13 Oct 2018
You can enter the literal keyword "red" to restrict hues to red, or add "0~30". Hex colors will probably be supported in the next version, where I will add @codedude's suggestion.
Eldenroot 13 Oct 2018
I am looking forward! I prefer to use JS instead of some "public" server where avatars are generated :)

Fingers crossed
Shade 13 Oct 2018
I most probably will not use JS but PHP to generate avatars. Anyway, I am not affiliated with ui-avatars.com at all, however it does not pose any security threat to your forum.
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Eldenroot 13 Oct 2018
One feature request - choose min avatar dimension (WxH) to be generated and it seems to that 1.0 font size is not enough for me, I wanna use much bigger font (or font family, something in style like Google has in Gmail)
Shade 13 Oct 2018 Edited
The avatar's size is inherited from MyBB's avatar dimensions setting already; as for the font size, I don't know why you want to use a bigger font-size (below there's an example with font-size = 1.0; it's ok with 1 letter, unreadable with 2...), however with PHP-based avatar generation it will be possible to choose the font and the size accordingly. The script used is the same from ui-avatars.com, which is also owned by the developer behind the PHP script; it's just I was too lazy and had too few spare time to include it locally.

[Image: ?name=Shade&size=50&background=9cfcf2&co...t-size=1.0]

[Image: ?name=Shade&size=50&background=9cfcf2&co...t-size=1.0]
Qniken 8 Mar 2019 Edited
Hi guys, Hi Shade,
thanks for your great plugins so far. I'm really interested in this plugin but can't use it.

Current settings are:
letter: 1
Hue: blue
rounded: no
luminosity: all
uppercase: yes
font: 0.4

I use mybb v.1.8.20 with php 7.1.27

Do you have any plans to include codedudes mentioned js or sth. else?
I'd appreciate that very much!
Thank you.
Shade 8 Mar 2019
Hello, a link to your board is necessary because your setup, although detailed, doesn't really say much about what is not working. As for @codedude's suggestion, yes, it will be added once I finish other projects on my to-do list which have priority at the moment.
Qniken 9 Mar 2019 Edited
Hi @Shade

I have found the issue. It was my bad.
Thought the plugin would download the generated images and use them from
file store.
It wasn't allowed for my users to use avatars from remote sites. So that got blocked.

Thank you for your efford.
Shade 9 Mar 2019
No worries :)
Sharree 22 Sep 2019
This is nice Shade. Great work. Just installed it and replaced my other custom Letter avatar plugin.