Inline Success Messages 2.1

16 Jun 2016 Edited
Inline Success Messages lets you see an inline success message instead of the classic "friendly redirection page" MyBB comes with.

MyBB already comes with the "Show friendly redirection page" option, but waiting 5 seconds before being redirected to a new page is a bit annoying to me. If you disable this option, you are immediately redirected to the target page but you lose a textual feedback of what you have done before and therefore you don't know if the action performed has been a success or not.

Inline Success Messages acts something in between these scenarios. You are immediately redirected to the target page but you are informed of the action you've just performed. The message is sent as a jGrowl notification.

Previously, more than 40 templates were edited in order to add a variable. With version 2.0, this is no longer needed as the message is powered by MyBB's default message handler which is jGrowl. If you are using something different on your board, feel free to edit the template "inlinesuccess_success" and play it around with your own JS message handler.

[Image: bE7kjad.png]

I no longer support the legacy version for 1.6 users. You either upgrade to 1.8 or manually include jQuery and jGrowl into ISM's template.
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Shade 28 Dec 2019
Change the "theme" parameter, it can bare any CSS class you want. Of course you'll have to define that class somewhere in your theme.

MyBBoost's theme does not use jGrowl.