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Harry K. 7 Apr 2018 Edited
It's not something I personally want on my forum, just something I noticed, does it work on here when you set the Card positioning setting to "Bottom Left" or another left? it stays positioned to the right for me.

It's fine for me though as I want it positioned to the center and that works. I must say, thanks for the plugin Shade! It's absolutely brilliant and really simple to customise, I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Here's what mine looks like now:
[Image: NMIgTKS.png]

Edit, just a note Shade, I don't think Quick Edit is working on this site.
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Shade 8 Apr 2018
That looks beautiful! Great job! The left/right positioning should work as long as the card lays within its scrollparent boundaries – usually the entire window pane. If it goes out of boundaries, it gets repositioned automatically no matter how the setting is set to. Also, thanks for reporting that – it's a bug with Endless which I need to sort out.
Harry K. 8 Apr 2018
Yeah I thought that would be how it worked, but it seems not to be working on the left for me at all, even when there is enough room. I'll PM you a link to my forum, I've currently set it to "Bottom Left", however they are showing on the bottom right. If you want a temp admin account to investigate let me know.
Shade 8 Apr 2018 Edited
I should have mentioned it before – the positioning refers to the link the card is attached to, so "Bottom left" displays it to the right of the link, "Bottom right" displays it to the left.

Looks like it's working like it should on your site too.
Harry K. 8 Apr 2018
Ok, check it now. Setting is set to "Bottom Right", still same positioning.

Also, middle right and middle left both have the same positioning, which sits ontop of the link.
Shade 8 Apr 2018
Indeed, something's not working as it should. I will investigate.
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Brody 29 Oct 2018
For anyone reading this, strongly recommend reading the installation instructions first (as you typically should anyway), but the core edit is important.

This plugin is another great example of Shade's premium work! Keep up the great work, it looks great on my forums!
ProX 6 Aug 2019
@Shade any ETA when this is expected to work with recent versions of Mybb?
Shade 6 Aug 2019
Most probably today or tomorrow.
Shade 6 Aug 2019


This is a bugfix release.

BUG added MyBB 1.8.20+ and jQuery 3 compatibility by standardizing the JSON response
SQUARED NEW the required core edit is now handled automatically by the plugin upon installing

Upgrading to version 1.1

Make a backup of your files before upgrading.

If you have installed version 1.0 and you have the core edit already in place, it is advisable to revert the edit before uploading the new version.

KEYCAP 1 upload the new version, overwriting the old one
KEYCAP 2 check if the core edit is applied by looking under Hovercards' row in the plugins section. If the core edit is missing, apply it by clicking on the respective button