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rülps 21 Jul 2017
How can I edit the hovercard, so add more entries?

The hovercard is not quite visible on the index page.
Shade 22 Jul 2017
As stated in the "settings" info above:

QuoteHovercards adds 2 settings. Adaptive colors has already been explained above. Fields to use lets you select the available data points. The more data points you will select, the more intense and slow the query will be (although you shouldn't notice the difference most of the times). A FIELD is then available within Hovercard's template with the following, simple syntax: {FIELD}. For example, if you activate the field "username", you will be able to use {username} into Hovercard's template and it will be replaced with the user's formatted username when watching his card.

If the hovercard is not visibile, it's likely you have other scripts conflicting with Hovercards. I'd ask you for your board's URL so I can look at it specifically.
rülps 22 Jul 2017
okay, i send pm....
rülps 22 Jul 2017
[Image: C4zleG4.png]
Shade 23 Jul 2017
This is indeed an issue which is going to be fixed in beta 2.
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Shade 6 Apr 2018 Edited

Hovercards 1.0 is out

Thanks to everyone who tested the plugin in its long beta period. This release fixes:
It also introduces a new experimental setting which lets you decide the card default orientation.

@Sharree unfortunately, due to the fact that Hovercards' JS builds the template and not the backend, template conditionals cannot be ran.

Upgrade from older versions

To upgrade, uninstall the previous version, overwrite the old files and install the new version from the ACP plugin manager.
Harry K. 6 Apr 2018 Edited
That was fast :P Thanks Shade.

Edit: Found 1 bug not sure if its known and it is the "experimental" feature, nothing major but the hovercards wont position to the left of the link.
Eldenroot 6 Apr 2018
One question, how to make it working with DVZ mentions or MentionMe plugin?
Shade 6 Apr 2018
As long as they use build_profile_link() and you apply the core edit, every plugin is compatible.
Shade 6 Apr 2018
@Harry K. can you provide your board URL please? I will check it out.