19 Mar 2017 Edited #1

Endless preview

Endless is a plugin which replaces normal pagination with an infinite scrolling concept, based on Flarum's one except it is packed with small modifications which make it completely compatibile with the latest MyBB versions.

More informations can be found in the release thread: Endless beta 1.
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Eldenroot 19 Mar 2017 Edited
Nice, anyway it seems to have a bug with post counter:

Click on the "original post" -> it shows wrong number 2 of 17 and then 3 of 17

Next one - post counter should be updated on post send if it is possible

Anyway it is great, there will be sites where it will be really useful
Shade 19 Mar 2017
That's the expected behavior. You can see the 3rd post, so the scrubber correctly displays 3.
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Eldenroot 19 Mar 2017
Now I get it, sorry :)
Tac 11 Apr 2017 Edited
Personally I wouldn't worry about licensing. Endless is created uniquely for MyBB, with the early inspiration coming from Flarum's scrubber. Other implementations of a scrubber certainly exist. https://meta.discourse.org for one.
Shade 8 Oct 2017
I have updated Endless with a more precise scrubber. It's likely I will start testing it on a stock MyBB version soon and it will be then released as beta to Gold subscribers.
Shade 8 Oct 2017
Now when you use the scrubber to jump to a specific post, this is highlighted. Also, quick reply should now work without reloading the page when a number of posts multiple of the per-page amount is reached.
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Tac 8 Oct 2017
This is incredible. So fast and smooth.
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Shade 9 Oct 2017
Added live url updating to posts.
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Shade 9 Oct 2017
Alright, the last update should have stabilized a lot the plugin. It's time to get this packed up as an exportable plugin and test it on a stock MyBB board.
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