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Infinite Scrolling
I remember reading you were working on infinite scrolling for MyBB, similar to Flarum's. Do you still have plans for this or is it just a personal project? In my opinion Flarum has created a nearly perfect replacement for pagination. To see this on MyBB would be amazing.
I've started working on something similar to Flarum's infinite scrolling, but I'm struggling to overcome some technical challenges which imply detection of scrolling. Once these are addressed I'm going to set up an alpha testing here on MyBBoost.
There is a plugin from Wildcard, but still in a beta stage. I havent tested
The main differences from Wildcard's will be the chance to scroll in both directions and support for threads other than posts. But it's a long way to go.
Shade - yeah, I know that the mentioned plugin is not perfect...
What does this do though? Can someone explain how this infinite scrolling works?
Simple enough, it replaces the normal navigation with pages to a smooth single-page using AJAX to retrieve posts from the surrounding pages.
Thanks, that sounds pretty interesting.
It is something what you can find in Flarum board. It is really useful, no pagination is needed.
Just to let you know, I've overcame the aforementioned issues. On my way to sync the scrolling phase with the data gathering and displaying.