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    effone 5 Apr in FASTyle 2.2
    Alright, I have to report some jQ deprecations as well, listing, may post soon. For example:
    `main.js`, line 699 `form.submit(function(e) {`
    `.submit()` is deprecated, need to use `form.on('submit', function(e) {`
    effone 3 Apr in FASTyle 2.2
    Default color stylesheets showing as custom.
    If you click `revert` they get removed from default theme ...
    effone 22 Mar in FASTyle 2.2
    Also just wanna let you know the sidebar listing scroll is getting freezed even after updating to 2.1.
    Need to go full screen and then restore back to regain functionality of listing vertical scroll.
    effone 22 Mar in FASTyle 2.2
    Also, a light theme blending MyBB color scheme ...
    Actually I made one but since there is no option to apply (other than plugin's core edit) and actually 2 theme in one (FASTyle frame with codemirror blending) its hard to handle ...