17 May 2018 Edited #1

When are you going to fix this?

Regular user
Spent over an hour here searching for fixes that users have identified and changed in the code.

How about fixing the issues in myfbconnect.php at the source so people can just use this plugin instead of it becoming an exercise in duct tape and chewing gum?
Shade 17 May 2018
Hi, thank you for trying my plugins. What issue are you referring to? All suggested fixes are already available on GitHub. Also, I have got other projects with higher priority and a busy life as a med student. If you don’t like how I support free plugins, don’t use them or consider upgrading to a paid plan where I provide priority support.
Eldenroot 18 May 2018
@Shade - will be there any changes for Facebook API? I got couple of emails from Facebook dev but I am not sure when or what will be changed,
Shade 18 May 2018
After the recent news, Facebook is moving towards a more restrictive policy for their APIs. Some permissions now require you to submit your app to their review processes. As far as I am concerned, MFC is not affected by the change as it does not use any of these permissions.
Harry K. 19 May 2018
Not sure if this would be related, but when I were setting it up I got blocked from the process and was given some reason regarding the new gdpr laws saying that it's temporarily on hold and to try again later. Moved on, didn't have issues with the other sites I wanted to use.