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user don't go to the other group

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Hey , i have one problem , with bankPipe , when a subscription finish , the user don't go to the other group and rest in the same group , can you help me please thx
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sonixmodz 30 Apr Edited
I see this in the task : https://imgur.com/a/K5f5GXA
I have send you the error log in your discord ^^
i think he don't have error from bankpire
My subscription its this : https://imgur.com/a/u8yABxY

Thank you all for your help :)

Two weeks ago I had a problem when I manually add a subscription to a member I have a sql error and everyone are go to the group ( 1800 user ) , I had to put everything back world manually , now its good so who i can delete all payement history without touch other user ? https://imgur.com/a/COfovcg