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Shade 6 Jan
Yes, you can't duplicate a plugin, you'll have to edit the original version. I still haven't had a look at the plugin though, sorry.
Shade 24 Jan
Hi, I’ll install the plugin this evening now that I’ve got some free time.
Shade 24 Jan
Here are the culprits:
1) disable "Modal box Popup" settings from Avatarep settings;

2) inc/plugins/avatarep.php, line 726, find:
$user['avatar'] = '<div class="avatarep_fd">' $user['avatar'] . '</div>'
Replace with:
$user['avatar'] = "<a data-uid='{$user['uid']}' href='{$avatar['profilelink']}'>" $user['avatar'] . '</a>'
3) inc/plugins/avatarep.php, lines 704-706, find:
$user['avatar'] = "<a href=\""$avatar['profilelink'] . "\" title=\"".$user['avatarep_title']."\">".$user['avatar']."</a>";

Replace with:

Basically the last step is just a removal of everything after "else".