renew subscrition before it expires

16 Dec 2019
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@Shade, it'd be ideal if people could renew their subscription before it expires. currently, I don't think they can...
ProX 16 Dec 2019
That's not possible. How one could renew it with cryptocurrency?

Also, paypal has some strict rules about forced automatic renewals where if someone complains to support you can lose your paypal account.

Don't play with that
andrewjs18 16 Dec 2019
We're not talking about automatic renewals....

My subscription fully requires manual renewal, but my expiration notice goes out 7 days prior to expiration and it's more or less useless at the moment... I've had 3 people complain to me about this on my forum in the past week alone.

@Shade perhaps some logic could be added, if possible, where it queues up a payment and when the current subscription expires, it processes it.

My suggestion is for PayPal since I don't use the other payment gateways.
Shade 16 Dec 2019
You can achieve something like this already. The main bottleneck is on the visual side: purchased subscriptions have a different template, named bankpipe_subscriptions_subscription_purchased, which does not include the "Buy now" or "Add to cart" button.

However, you can copy the button from the unbought subscription template (bankpipe_subscriptions_subscription) and add it to bankpipe_subscriptions_subscription_purchased: your users will be then able to buy the same subscription. The only thing I can foresee is that once the old one expires the user will be reverted to his original usergroup, which might indicate the need to manually move such user to your desired usergroup again.

As @ProX pointed out recurring payments are quite a pain to implement. PayPal is very strict indeed, and cryptos are impossible to exploit for recurring payments without manual approving.
andrewjs18 14 Jan 2020 Edited
@Shade, is there anything planned for bankpipe or a hook I can use to reapply subscriptions if we were to allow users to purchase a subscription early using your methods noted above before their current subscription expires?

allowing someone to subscribe before their current subscription expires is nice, but then to have their accounts downgraded as part of their subscription expiring kind of defeats the purpose....
Shade 14 Jan 2020
I have planned a rework on the expiration part. It's a bit confusing and sparse at the moment, but will be more consistent in the upcoming version.
Hugo 16 Jan 2020
I would love such a feature to be added, which allows users to renew a subscription rather than letting it expire first.