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MyDropzone 1.2


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Shade 27 Apr 2017
Hi @zyra and thank you for supporting me and my studies!

Sure thing, I can add this to version 1.1 development.
zyra 27 Apr 2017
That would be great!, ty m8!
rülps 10 Aug 2017 Edited
An icon for the attachments would not be the worst.... Whether the user imgur uses or not, this should be left by a selection field itself ...
Shade 10 Aug 2017
Sorry, can you elaborate more @rülps? I can't understand. Thank you.
rülps 11 Aug 2017
Was my mistake, wrongly thought
SZyMeX PL 12 Aug 2017
How can i download it?
Shade 12 Aug 2017
Hi, MyDropzone is limited to Silver or Gold subscribers. You can subscribe from your control panel. #144 applies.
radex 15 Aug 2017
Are photos placed on imgur after some time expiring if we use the API?
Shade 15 Aug 2017
Not as I am aware of.
MS_Office_ 95 23 Sep 2018
i am running this plugin on MyBB and no attachments will upload it gives the green tick but does not put into the body of the message or upload into the view my attachments
i am running Nginx with MyBB 1.8.19


does anyone know the solution to this issue?