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MyDropzone 1.2


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Shade 23 Oct 2016 Edited
I will ASAP. By the way, the implementation is identical to the one seen here on MyBBoost, it's just a different styling which you can edit as you like anyway.
Dr.Jeet 25 Oct 2016
No popup box appear after upload image and click on my attachments.
Eldenroot 25 Oct 2016
Yes, but I cannot see how it looks in full post a thread
Shade 25 Oct 2016
No popup box appear after upload image and click on my attachments.
Dr.Jeet (25 Oct 2016)
Can you elaborate more? I can't understand your issue, there's no popup box intended to fire when you see your attachments.
Shade 1 Nov 2016
Previews attached to the first post.
Eldenroot 1 Nov 2016
Thank you!

Just one thing - is there any way to upload images to the forum, not to the cloud?

And I didnt find it (or I am blind) - can you add multiple attachment at once?
Shade 1 Nov 2016
You can add multiple attachments at once and if with "cloud" you mean "Imgur" yes, you can disable Imgur integration.
Eldenroot 24 Nov 2016
@Shade - can you post the screenshots how it looks in MyBB default theme?

Is it compatible with CKEditor?
Shade 25 Nov 2016
CKEditor is not supported at the moment if you refer to the upload-to-Imgur feature. Otherwise, it is compatible since CKEditor is not related to attachments (or in a way it does not affect MyDropzone's functionalities).

Guess when I lost some data this thread was not restored properly. I will ASAP :)
Eldenroot 5 Dec 2016
OK, no problem. I will wait for next release with CKEditor support (or any editor which works better than SCEditor).

I saw your plugin on one MyBB forum - works really nice with MyBB default theme. I just have some ideas and notes which could be improved/changed. I dont know if the css was changed in that board but there is an issue on mouse hover. The red cross has an ugly background (shown when your file is bigger than limit). Another think - how to add a link to the post for the attachment? Also what about to show full name of the file and replace "delete file" with image icon? Just make it more stylish. Just my 2 cents :) Thank you!