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jQuery.Deferred exception: this.atwho

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Probably a bug. MyBB version 1.8.21 & PHP version 7.3.7

Getting this from the console:
jQuery.Deferred exception: this.atwho is not a function init/<@https://mydomainname.tdl/forum/jscripts/util/rules.js:24:9
[email protected]://mydomainname.tdl/forum/jscripts/jquery.js?ver=1813:2:2573
[email protected]://mydomainname.tdl/forum/jscripts/util/rules.js:23:5
[email protected]://mydomainname.tdl/forum/jscripts/jquery.js?ver=1813:2:29375
undefined jquery.js:2:30930
TypeError: this.atwho is not a function rules.js:24:9
    init https://mydomainname.tdl/forum/jscripts/util/rules.js:24
    each jQuery
    init https://mydomainname.tdl/forum/jscripts/util/rules.js:23
    <anoniem> https://mydomainname.tdl/forum/newthread.php?fid=3:688
    jQuery 2

For some reason this is fixed now after installing all your premium plugins; deactivate QuickReferences and activate it again. I'm not sure if it's just me or if this will work for anyone following those steps.

Same problem. I see this error too. I am using SCEditor. The id has been corrected as "message". There is no problem in the quick reply. It doesn't just work on SCEditor.
Shade 22 May
Can you please provide your board URL so I can have a look? Thank you.

if you need;

I hope the forum language will not be a problem.
Shade 22 May
I suggest you to disable QuickReferences as it is incompatible with the new jQuery update over SCEditor. Unfortunately I have no time at the moment to fix it.
Hüseyin Filiz 22 May Edited
can i use it with a quick reply? Mean, Is it a problem to use with quick reply? Thank u
Shade 22 May
QuickReferences is loaded in quick replies, however it is hard loaded also for standard replies. You will need to edit the plugin's code in order to load it only in quick replies rather than standard ones; I do not have time to show it to you atm though, sorry.
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