FASTyle development

15 Aug 2016 Edited
Here's a list of features and bug fixes that are planned to be introduced in the next version of FASTyle 2.3. You can contribute to this list by spotting bugs or giving suggestions in this forum, they will be analyzed and eventually approved.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Drag and drop forums ordering

Version 1.7 [released: 8 Sep 2017]

  • Added Sublime Text keymap to CodeMirror [Improvement]
  • Opened templates are now stored separately for each template set [Fixed]
  • Editor status memory when switching between templates has been enhanced, now manager saves editor's current selection, history and scrolling position [Fixed]
  • Added "Close all tabs" button [Improvement]
  • Browser's tab title is now updated every time you open a template [Improvement]

Version 1.6.1 [released: 6 Sep 2017]

  • Added confirmation dialog to close unsaved templates [Improvement]
  • URLs are now updated according to the currently open template [Improvement]
  • Hidden templates title to enhance editing experience [Improvement]
  • Enlarged the templates selectbox to enhance editing experience [Improvement]

Version 1.6 [released: 6 Sep 2017]

  • Randomly not saving templates [Fixed]
  • Quick switching between templates with AJAX tabs [Improvement]
  • Headerinclude disappears if the Header group is already expanded [Fixed]

Version 1.5 [released: 21 Mar 2017]

  • Spinner changed to Spin.js [Improvement]
  • Minor bug fixes [Fixed]

Version 1.4 [released: 7 Sep 2016]

  • Better spinner UI [Improvement]
  • Remember template groups open when coming back to the template list [Fixed]
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Eldenroot 15 Aug 2016
Downloaded, thank you. I will test it, if anything I will reply here
Brenda 19 Aug 2016 Edited
Used 1.4 a bit, works quite fine now. Sometimes(>rarely<) there appears a loading icon, e.g. when opening templates, but nothing significant.

Furthermore it would be nice if it would be possible to keep the specific templates open when you go back.

For example i open "header templates" and go to "header_welcomeblock_member". Now i use the browser go Back or the "Save and return to listing", then the "header templates" should stay open, so there is no need to click and open the header templates listing again.
Eldenroot 19 Aug 2016
+1 for this. I hate when the template group is closed after I return back
Shade 19 Aug 2016
Added to the improvements list. Besides, the spinner should load everytime @Brenda. It's likely that the response is faster than the spinner's full loading time (which completes one cycle in 1,2 seconds – should be fully visible after this timespan).

Glad the patch works at last.
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Brenda 31 Oct 2016 Edited
Latest version.;
(caught it when it wasn't saving template and thought to record it, idk if useful though, but i just wanted to let you know its still happening)
Shade 31 Oct 2016
Still something I can't figure out. The logic is perfect. I'm starting to think this is about timing, maybe in the client side, maybe in the backend side or both.