Crypto Currency Support

22 Jul 2018
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Hey Shade,

What's the possibility of adding Crypto Currency support? Each day these alt coins are becoming more widely used and accepted especially in the online market and I'm sure a lot of people would benefit from this.

I had a quick look at some possible solutions, which could be used to achieve this and I came across Coin Payments. Looking around it has a full API and lots of merchant tools to work with, which from my very limited understanding is very close to what PayPal offers.

I understand this could be fairly difficult but would be a really useful feature and I'm sure plenty of users would agree. :)
Shade 22 Jul 2018
Cryptocurrencies are indeed very promising but I don't think I'll have enough time to adapt BankPipe to another API. I'll see what I can do though.
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Harry K. 22 Jul 2018
It would be doubly-amazing if you could!
Shade 10 Mar 2019
Hi, BankPipe beta 6 is almost there, and I am glad to announce that cryptocurrencies might be possible in the near future since the new beta is powered by Omnipay, a multigateway payments processor which has BitPay support amongst many others. Beta 6 will come out with standard PayPal support, but my plan is to progressively introduce new payment methods such as Stripe and BitPay itself.
Serpius 10 Mar 2019
I have reviewed the information regarding Omnipay and it does accept Paypal.

BankPipe already accepts Paypal in its current form, but incorporating Omnipay into the plugin will give admins around the world more options to give to their users to make their payments online.

When the cryptocurrency payment option is incorporated into BankPipe, that will enable admins to give their users additional payment options.

That will make BankPipe an excellent choice for MyBB admins to use for processing their payments through their website.

I was using another payment plugin, but it seems that the author has abandoned the plugin even though I had paid for it. Sighs...
Shade 10 Mar 2019
Yes, that's the plan. Note that the upcoming beta 6 is already powered by Omnipay, with the PayPal module working just fine. Attempts to implement other gateways have not been performed yet though.
Eldenroot 25 Mar 2019
So is possible to manually add a payments (for example when user sent me money directly to my bank account?) Or is possible to add only minimum amount of dollars to be send but user can send more (donation for example)???
Shade 26 Mar 2019 Edited
BankPipe is not a donation system, but a payments manager to sell digital goods (or physical, if you work with real items – but the expedition and all the associated concerns are on you). As for the first question, at the moment BankPipe only works with PayPal, but the last beta uses Omnipay which allows for other gateways to be added in the near future, including Stripe which allows credit cards to be used.