15 Dec 2019 Edited #1

Coinbase payments not working since beta 9

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It shows pending in ACP, while money is received on coinbase.
[Image: image-584.png]
[Image: image-585.png]
Shade 15 Dec 2019
Check your error.log file for errors. Coinbase returns webhooks notifications which are quite hard to test and they do not provide a consistent API documentation as well as PayPal.
ProX 15 Dec 2019 Edited
There are no error logs I've checked it first

Edit: Also tested to see whether cloudflare blocks requests but nothing returned from firewall logs for '/bankpipe.php?action=webhooks&gateway=Coinbase'

So it was not blocked
Shade 15 Dec 2019
That's weird. Coinbase gateway has not been touched from beta 8 to beta 9 and changes in the common files are minimal and not related to webhooks at all. If something happened, it's on Coinbase's side. I have experienced something similar some time ago in a way that I got a successful response from Coinbase (correctly logged), followed thereafter by a "pending" notification which downgraded the transaction (also logged). So in the logs it looked like:


Is this something similar to your case? If so, I guess Coinbase is sending notifications with slight delays in a way that pending ones are delivered after successful ones. It should be an isolated case.
ProX 16 Dec 2019
There are only pending from crypto.

Will have to wait for next crypto purchase and report it back to see if it goes through