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Board setting help

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In Board setting, there is a filed as below:

Required Field:
Enter a coma-separated list of field names required to be filled before making a purchase through cart and subscriptions pages. Reference these fields with names (eg.: for a field named foo, use for example <input name='foo' type='checkbox' value='1' />) in bankpipe_cart* and bankpipe_subscriptions* templates.

What to add there?
Please guide.
Thank you.
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Shade 31 May Edited
Let's say you want a checkbox named "policy" to be checked before the user can get past the purchase link. You would need to add "policy" to that field, and in bankpipe_cart* you'd need to add your checkbox:

<input type="checkbox" name="policy" />
You can add as many required fields as you want, separated by a coma in BankPipe's setting. Example: policy, address in BankPipe's setting and the following in your templates:

<input type="checkbox" name="policy" />
<input type="text" name="address" />
The important bit is the "name" attribute. If such fields are left blank, the user will be presented an error.

Note that you can customize your fields as much as you like. They just need the "name" attribute and the relevant reference in BankPipe's setting.

As of BankPipe beta 10, bankpipe_subscriptions* templates do not include direct purchase links and all payments are routed through the cart, so you just need to add the field(s) to bankpipe_cart*.
Dr.Jeet 31 May
Ok......In gateway for paypal, what to insert in identifier field?

Also in documentation, there is mention add Paypal id in wallet? where is wallet setting.
KEYCAP 4 Open BankPipe's module in your Admin Control Panel. Beneath PayPal's row, copy the client ID and client secret tokens into the respective fields. Add your PayPal email address where you want to receive your funds in the wallet field and save.
Shade 31 May
Identifier and secret token should be filled with the credentials taken from PayPal's developer website.

Wallet ID should be filled with the PayPal email address you want to receive your funds. Beware, if you are using sandbox credentials, you will need to use a sandbox email address as well.
Dr.Jeet 31 May
There is nothing like Identifier in developer site.

App name is identifier?
I created one app in sandbox REST API apps as 'Test' .....so Test Wii be identifier?

Sorry for this things.
Shade 31 May
It's "Client ID".
Dr.Jeet 31 May
Thanks Shade.
Shade 31 May
Read the documentation thoroughly to set up your tokens: BankPipe documentation.
Dr.Jeet 31 May
I read document and done as guided.

For try my self whether payment will upgrade me or not, I add my real payment address, token id and secret in 'Test' account in Sandbox on developer site. but it redirected to payment to my Paypal id.

There is default application also, so should I have to enter that default application details to test for bankpipe without payment.
Shade 31 May
In sandbox mode you can't use any real address, you must use sandbox accounts both for receiving and sending payments.