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BankPipe documentation

Shade Administrator 20 Mar Edited
BankPipe is a MyBB plugin which implements a seamless paid experience to deliver subscriptions and premium attachments across the whole board. This document will help you setting up the plugin after you have uploaded and installed the plugin successfully. It is always tailored to the latest BankPipe version available.

BankPipe is a copyrighted product. If you did not pay for it, please report the source of illegal redistribution and purchase a legit copy of the product. Its owner and only developer partially lives off the revenue from BankPipe. Thank you.

PACKAGE Installation

KEYCAP 1 Click on the Install & activate button in your plugins list. BankPipe adds 38 templates to every theme of your board. The plugin also applies 1 core edit automatically. Ensure the core edit is in place by checking the plugin's row after the installation.

[Image: qe15izA.png]

KEYCAP 2 To add additional functionality, alter your theme's templates as follows:
- to see the user's purchases as an admin, add to member_profile:
- to see the cart link if using Cart Mode, add to header_welcomeblock_member:
- to see the price box when uploading an attachment if using third party monetization, add to post_attachments_attachment:

WRENCH Configuration

KEYCAP 1 Go to PayPal Developers and log in. If you haven't got a sandbox developer account yet, create one.

KEYCAP 2 Go to the applications panel and scroll down to REST APIs. Click on Create app and fill the required fields.

[Image: X6ZA8IX.png]

You will be presented a page similar to the following:

[Image: yDmYOWt.png]

KEYCAP 3 Copy the app client ID and secret into BankPipe's settings.

WARNING SIGN BankPipe can run in 2 modes: Sandbox and Live. Sandbox mode allows you to try the app with dummy accounts and payments, while Live mode collects real money from real accounts. Ensure you are using the correct tokens while using Sandbox mode and viceversa.

KEYCAP 4 Scroll down and click on Add webhook. Fill in the fields with the following configuration and save:
- Webhook Url: https://YOURBOARDURL/bankpipe.php?action=webhooks
- Event types: All events

WARNING SIGN Replace YOURBOARDURL with your board's base URL, including subfolders.

KEYCAP 5 Specify a default payee (merchant) in BankPipe's settings.

You're pretty much done. You will now be able to use BankPipe's functionalities.

If you enable third party monetization, users in the "Usergroups allowed to manage" will be able to set a price for their attachments. They will be able to do so only when they add their PayPal email in their User Control Panel. Until then, they will not be able to create paid items.

Hooks list

A complete hooks list ordered by filename is available below. It is formatted as JSON and includes: filename, name of the hook, code line and eventual arguments.
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