User specified donation amount

29 Oct 2019 Edited
Do you think there is any way to add a user defined, random donation feature? A member can click the button and enter any amount they wish in Paypal. The option would have to be available for repeat donations by the user also so it shouldn't get locked in the subscriptions screen like other purchases. Hopefully the upcoming GIFT option will work like this too...I have many members the repeatedly purchase gift subscriptions for other members so it will need to always be available for everyone to purchase.
Shade 29 Oct 2019
Donations are not suitable for BankPipe unfortunately for technical reasons. However, an option to enter an user-defined amount for a subscription upgrade is feasible: you would still be locked to PayPal's fees though (compared to actual PayPal donations, which have no fees).

Recurrent payments are already planned for a future upgrade, but it's hard to say when as it's a very complicated feature to bring up.
RocketFoot 29 Oct 2019
Hmmm...yeah, that is the only think I'm hung up on. I have members that like to donate multiple time per year. I'm not sure how to handle them.

If the Gift feature will stay active after a member uses it, I can just make a "gift to the forum" with no forum rank changes. That would probably work. Will the gift option stay active on the subscription page even after a member purchases it? Or will it be formatted differently?
Shade 29 Oct 2019
You can decide for yourself. By default, purchased subscriptions are displayed with a different template, but you can edit the template and decide to replicate the unbought items template.

A workaround for recurring payments is to set up an expiration date (let's say 1 year) for a subscription and a notification through the notification panel to remind the user to renew.