Trading plugin

9 Sep
Hi, going to buy the "Ultimate" package anyway but was thinking of getting the Symposium plugin altered abit for an extra cost.

I basically need a button in the PM area called "Start a trade" where any two users in a PM can press it and and it will take them to a newly generated pm(ticket) where the seller gives a "product" (in my case a key) and his payment details and the buyer will have a timer at the bottom to pay the seller. After payment if the seller confirms the trade will go through and if possible the pm will be stored somewhere for the admins/mods to see.

Please message back with a price.
Thanks, Dan.
Shade 9 Sep
Hi, this is quite a specific feature for your own need; unfortunately I do not plan to make it in the official release. I can try to make it into your custom copy, but at the moment I am not available for custom work at least until mid october.
DanKeane 9 Sep
Ah ok. if i buy the Subscription am i allowed to get someone else to implement this feature into the plugin? Needing it soon thats all.
Shade 9 Sep Edited
Sure, as long as the developer following you doesn't leak nor uses the plugin, under fair usage.

Remember that Symposium is cross-compatible with external plugins, so you might be still able to have someone create that for standard MyBB PMs, and Symposium will be already compatible out of the box as long as the plugin uses MyBB's PM Datahandler.