2 Jun #1

Sometimes Page Loads Forever

Advanced subscriber
Symposium works really well for the most part, and the only issue I have occasionally is that sometimes when I send a message my page will simply continuously load forever unless I refresh it. When I refresh it, my message is shown as sent and all is well. The page loading bug also affects another member of mine.

How can I prevent this from happening again in the future?

Shade 2 Jun
This does not sound to depend on Symposium, but rather on your server response time.
Ant 3 Jun
@Shade I have a regular configuration with a decent VPS on DigitalOcean. I don't have any server response issues and the messaging system never had problems before. Any other suggestions?
Shade 3 Jun
Do you mind keeping a note on which pages does it happen, along with the message sent? I’ll look into it, but I can’t wrap my head around the reason why it should happen every now and then rather than consistently.

It might also be a temp issue with your own connection.
Ant 5 Jun
Some of the other devs have the same problem occasionally. It happens completely randomly every once in a while. You could be in a convo with someone and all of a sudden the page doesn't stop loading - then you have to refresh and update your page. The only problem this occurs is in the actual messaging page immediately when you click Send Message.
Shade 6 Jun
Any relevant error.log output?