5 Mar #1

Skip Cart

Ultimate subscriber
Is it possible to skip the cart and send the user right to PayPal after they click the subscription? I don't think I understand the Fast Checkout
Shade 6 Mar
No, each payment must go through the cart. It has been designed like this to have a standardized pipe for all kind of items, subscriptions, attachments or third party items.

Fast checkout lets you redirect the user straight to the cart after he clicks the “Add to cart” button; without this caveat, the user must add the item to the cart and manually go to the cart.
Seeker-Smith 6 Mar Edited
Okay got it. Is there sample or actual code to do this? What I saw it the docs was about attachments.
Sorry for all the questions.
Shade 6 Mar
Got to search for it as I’m not home with my laptop atm, but the same applies for subscriptions.