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Sending custom pm

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Shade after using symposium sending custom pm via pm_handler doesnt seem to be working. It increases the number of PM's and sends the message, but those cannot be accessed.

require_once MYBB_ROOT . "inc/datahandlers/pm.php";
$pmhandler = new PMDataHandler();
$pmhandler->admin_override = true;

  $pm = [          "subject" => 'test',
                        "message" => 'test',
                        "fromid" => -1,
                        "toid" => [1]
                         if ($pmhandler->validate_pm()) {
                        echo 'PM sent';
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Shade 20 Nov 2019
It should work as normal (you can see a demo here on MyBBoost itself: both Flyover and BankPipe notifications are delivered regularly). It might be an issue with either hooks priority or the fromid field (-1 might be an issue). I am not home but will check it out tomorrow.
ProX 21 Nov 2019
No idea, works normal without symposium, when symposium is enabled, pm just disappears because it contains no convid.
Shade 21 Nov 2019
It might indeed be an issue with hooks priority. Have you installed your plugin after Symposium? By design, Symposium adds convid when sending a PM through the handler (inc/plugins/symposium.php, line 1128, symposium_pm_insert_data); I can't really think about a scenario when this function does not run. A temporary FTP account might help me debug this, if you can.
ProX 21 Nov 2019 Edited
I always test stuff locally :/

I run it as a new php file via my pages plugin from Omar g where you can create new php pages

When message is sent it needs to be converted via symposium converter to be shown

I am not sure if hooks can be loaded inside my pages?
Shade 21 Nov 2019
Do you have a name of the plugin? If hooks can't be loaded, the whole $plugins object is null.
ProX 21 Nov 2019 Edited
Ougc pages is the name i think. Very popular one though

Shade 21 Nov 2019 Edited
Mind sharing your page settings so I can replicate them? I tried creating a random page with your code and the following settings and it works just fine with Symposium:

[Image: zooSleY.png]

[Image: oBtyKMD.png]
ProX 21 Nov 2019
Use template wrapper and run at initialization set to yes in my case
Shade 21 Nov 2019
Still works good. The template is precisely the one you posted? If so, you have to wrap it inside <?php ?> tags to execute the code.