Reply by Email plugin

18 Dec 2019
I am looking for a way to allow users to reply to existing threads, and start new threads, by email, for my forum

This forum migrated from Yahoo Groups. and many of my users still prefer the immediacy of email, and dislike logging in so much that they are only willing to participate in discussions if they can continue to use email.

Normal web based forum users who do not want their contributions broadcast by email meanwhile should have a tick box option to have their content swapped for an url linking to that content on the website - so only logged in users can ever see it.

Email coming and going should be scanned for spam and any malware attachments

Image and PDF attachments should be possible, subject to size limits

Email functionality should only be available to registered users

Only new comments in an email received (eg posted above a line in the email) should be added to the web based thread - not a repeat of every previous comment in the thread

Some ability to control frequency/stop/start email on per person basis would be good. Perhaps integrating a digest option (I already have a custom plugin doing email digests - but no way currently to reply to that via email)

Happy to discuss anything
Shade 18 Dec 2019
Hi, I will add this to my to-do list but it's pretty long so don't expect it within 6-7 months. If completed, this will be an Advanced-tier plugin.