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Whisper 1.0.1

Shade Administrator 8 Feb 2017 Edited
Whisper is a neat theme for the Admin Control Panel. The theme includes some extra features other than the design itself, aimed to improve the ACP usability, including a new homepage with stunning analytics and more friendly informations about your server and your MyBB installation, full page template editing, more understandable and centered popups and messages, comprehensive selectors and radio buttons.


Upload all the files maintaining the same structure as they are listed in the package. Go to the plugins list and Install & Activate Whisper. The theme will be enabled for all active admins. They can choose to disable it on their own by editing their preferences. Please note that editing the preferences without installing Whisper from the plugins list will cause an erroneous visualization of the theme.


[Image: GHuIThk.png]

[Image: OYymv0G.png]

[Image: XhWJyGG.png]

[Image: Byhtplo.png]

[Image: sy58obD.png]

[Image: avNRH2w.png]
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Pololoko 125 Advanced 1 Mar 2017
The console says the file is missing: the server responded with a status of 404 () admin/jscripts/whisper.popup.js
Brenda Advanced 1 Mar 2017
Csn you check if the file is there? If not, try uploading it again.
Pololoko 125 Advanced 1 Mar 2017
I've downloaded again. I checked and the file is missing in the plugin.I found only Chart.min.js
Shade Administrator 1 Mar 2017
I might check the package as soon as possible.
Shade Administrator 5 Mar 2017 Edited
Not yet, sorry.
Shade Administrator 6 Mar 2017
I've added the missing file and repackaged Whisper. You can also download the following attachment and upload it in your /admin/jscripts folder if you don't want to download the entire package again.
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