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Problem with Flyover

Quinn Humphreys Advanced 6 May 2018
Hello there, I'm new here

I'm having some problems with Flyover so first of all when I installed it I had the problems with the database, saying that X table creation can't have default values bla bla bla bla for example, text columns can't have not null + default values, so what I did is that I manually created the tables and then let the process continue by itself. Anyways, about the problems, the first problem that I have is with Facebook which doesn't let me log in because it says that I didn't set up the domain correctly (in the application) but I did, so I figured that I probably happen because facebook require strict uri, but I'm not sure. About Steam it redirects me to a blank page and nothing happens.
Shade Administrator 6 May 2018
Hi, did you try downloading the new 1.4 version? It fixes the default values bug. To upgrade in your particular case, since you did everything manually, uninstall the plugin first, replace the old files with the new ones, and install.

If the above solution does not work, I'd ask you a temporary admin account and FTP credentials to your board (by PM). I will debug the issue and fix it as soon as possible.
Quinn Humphreys Advanced 6 May 2018
I will try that now, thank you very much. BTW to uninstall just uninstall it from the admin panel and delete the database table, right?
Shade Administrator 6 May 2018 Edited
Just click "Uninstall". It will delete all Flyover-associated database tables. The issue was located into the install routines, so you won't need to delete tables manually.
Quinn Humphreys Advanced 6 May 2018
Keeps getting an error. Should I do it manually again?

Keeps getting an error. Should I just do it manually again????

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1101 - BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY or JSON column 'provider' can't have a default value
CREATE TABLE mybb_flyover_settings ( sid INT(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, enabled TINYINT(1) NOT NULL, provider TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '', id VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, secret VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, key_token VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, usergroup TINYINT(5), settings TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ) ENGINE=MyISAM CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
Shade Administrator 6 May 2018
Weird. I’ll debug this when I’ll get home, or tomorrow.
Shade Administrator 6 May 2018
I can confirm there’s an issue with strict environments not wanting TEXT fields to hold a default value. A fix is coming, I just need to get home.
Shade Administrator 7 May 2018 Edited
I have pushed the fix in the release thread (Flyover 2.0). I have not updated the version number since you were the only one who downloaded the bugged version. Uninstall your version first, then overwrite the old files and install again. Please let me know if there are other issues; if Steam keeps on hanging up, please provide me a temporary FTP and admin account so I can debug directly on your site.
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