Ordering messages with most recent at top

24 Sep
Just installed Beta 3 and the plugin is working great. I just wanted to check if there was a way for me to change the order of messages within a conversation? If a conversation has lots of messages, the user has to scroll down quite a lot to read the most recent.
Shade 24 Sep
If your theme does not have any JavaScript error, Symposium scrolls automatically to the last message. I agree though that an option to order messages from bottom to top or the other way around might be ideal.
Liam Winn 24 Sep
Is there any way to accomplish this with custom edits within the code? Changing the select queries etc?
Shade 24 Sep
Quite easy. Find and remove in inc/plugins/symposium.php:

$rawMessages array_reverse($rawMessages); 
Note though that the date separators will break. For a complete fix, you will need to wait the next release. I've added this to Symposium development.
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