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Link Social Media Accounts

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It would be cool if this plugin also provided a feature to allow users to link their social media accounts through the ucp and show them on the postbit and profile. Like when linking them on register. Plugins such as Social Sites exist, but a plugin which makes users verify their identity and that they own that social media account by logging in would be preferred.
Shade 30 Sep 2017
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have evaluated the possibility to add something like this and it's likely I will push this for 1.4 as it requires more work than I'm willing to sustain at the moment, and I would like to release 1.3 as soon as possible.
Tac 26 May 2019
Just going to bump this post. Not sure if this is a current feature in the plugin, but this is what I'm really wanting for my site.
Shade 30 Dec 2019 Edited
Sorry again for the late reply, I forgot about this one. This is quite similar to a recent request for profile URLs.

In my mind it would go down this way: syncing the profile URL would populate a profile field (which can be displayed and manipulated with ease). This field can be created as "not editable", so the only way it could be filled in would be Flyover. If you like this design, it is ready for the upcoming v2.2.
Tac 5 Jan
Yeah that would be good. In my mind you would have a sidebar on profiles which shows the icon and username of their social media profile. Take a look at how YouTube does their social media linking.
Shade 5 Jan
Yeah, that's what I was talking about. 2.2 also brings provider-specific custom profile fields (CPF), so you are able to create as many custom profile fields as you like and treat them separately for different providers.

IIRC, MyBB doesn't allow handling CPFs individually in templates, but this XThreads extension makes it easy to do so.
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Shade 6 Jan Edited
So, to achieve what you are seeking, here are some instructions. Assuming you want to show the profile URL for Facebook:

KEYCAP 1 download and install the XThreads extension mentioned above. XThreads is required. Turn off the 2 settings added by the extension

KEYCAP 2 create a custom profile field and add the HTML of your choice in the box with the description:
Use {VALUE} for representating the value of this field. We can use conditional structures in this setting. We need to put {$xtpf['fidX']} or {$GLOBALS['xtpf']['fidX']} manually in our template for displaying it, where X is this field's ID.
Unfortunately the extension is a bit outdated and names of each setting are not displayed correctly. No big deal though.

KEYCAP 3 note down the CPF id (look at the URL while editing it) and add to member_profile:
Replace X with the CPF id. This will be populated with the HTML you have entered before.

KEYCAP 4 in Flyover's general settings, pick a global profile field for "Profile URL". Can be the CPF you have created before or something else. Note that this will apply to all providers.

KEYCAP 5 in Flyover's Facebook settings, enable Profile URL in the sync panel and pick the CPF you have created before.

KEYCAP 6 stonks!

You can of course skip all the XThreads extension part, but I feel like being able to move the CPF around allows for greater flexibility.