25 Apr 2017 #1

Link Social Media Accounts

Advanced subscriber
It would be cool if this plugin also provided a feature to allow users to link their social media accounts through the ucp and show them on the postbit and profile. Like when linking them on register. Plugins such as Social Sites exist, but a plugin which makes users verify their identity and that they own that social media account by logging in would be preferred.
Shade 30 Sep 2017
Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have evaluated the possibility to add something like this and it's likely I will push this for 1.4 as it requires more work than I'm willing to sustain at the moment, and I would like to release 1.3 as soon as possible.
Tac 26 May
Just going to bump this post. Not sure if this is a current feature in the plugin, but this is what I'm really wanting for my site.