Liking a post redirects to xmlhttp.php

7 Feb 2017
Welcome back Shade.
When I click the like button, it redirects me to the xmlhttp.php page.
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Shade 7 Feb 2017
That's most probably caused by the cache of your browser.
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chack1172 8 Feb 2017
I deleted caches and the problem still the same.
Shade 8 Feb 2017
I could not reproduce the issue in FF, Chrome or Safari. What's your environment?
chack1172 8 Feb 2017
I'm using firefox. I click the button, a loading icon will show at the center and then I will redirected to the xmlhttp.php page.
Shade 8 Feb 2017 Edited
Check the console for eventual JS errors. Thread split.
Shade 13 Feb 2017
I had the chance to analyze this error in detail and it turns out ThunderBoard beta 6 needs an update.