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Large files are not uploaded

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I've been testing this for a couple days now and its great for images but appears to stall on every video I've tried to post. The same video posts no problem with the default mybb uploader. Is there a way to log errors or trace the problem?
Shade 6 Mar Edited
Obvious issues would be: file too big and extension not allowed. MyDropzone should throw a visible error for both (as it replicates MyBB normal behavior). If none of the above apply to your case, you can try to watch for issues on the network tab in your browser console.

If you're still getting troubles, send me a link or a list of reproducible steps, I will check it out.
What I've been able to reproduce. Batches of jpg's no problem works fast to large or to many I get the error as I should. When uploading mp4 or mpeg within file size and allowed it d does about 10 to 15% then just stalls. The standard uploader works fine.
Shade 6 Mar
How big are those videos?
70 MB's limit is 250MB
Shade 7 Mar
Just looked at Dropzone.js config, and it seems like it features a timeout option which might be the culprit. Open jscripts/MyDropzone/rules.js, find at line 31:

paramName: paramName,
Add below:

timeout: 900000,
This will up the timeout limit from 30 seconds to 900, which should be enough. Note that if your server is configured to have a timeout itself, the patch above won't suffice and you will need to raise the limit also on your server's behalf.
Seeker-Smith 7 Mar Edited
Thanks for the support. I've edited and will report back.

Okay that seemed to do the trick. But how do I get rid of the "Insert Into Post"
Shade 7 Mar
See this post.