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Hovercards doesn't work

just installed the plugin, but it seems to not work for me at all. Like when i hover on names, nothing happens.
I edited the function.php file.
Sorry, I had uploaded a partial version of the plugin. Download the plugin again and overwrite the old files.

EDIT: darn, you downloaded ANOTHER partial version. Blame on me. The new one should be definitive.

Still not, hm.
See edit above.
well, this is awkward, it still doesn't work. XD
Provide a test URL please (you can also add it to your profile so I don't need to keep asking Winkle).
Added to profile
I could not spot anything wrong in the configuration. I might need some hard debugging, for which I need a temporary FTP access. You can PM me the details.
Done. Your issues have been solved, and your live test helped me fix some hidden bugs which I could not reproduce on MyBBoost. Thank you for subscribing and using my products.
Glad it could be solved. Also thanks for the quick support. Winkle

Btw, is it somehow possible to get hovercards for customplugins, e.g. seems to not work with prostats, just wondering.