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Help setting up the plugin

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Vince Ultimate 27 Dec 2018
I've gotten most of the social media logins I want setup, but I cannot get facebook or twitter to work at all. twitter says I do not have the correct callback url even though I'm using the one the plugin told me to use. same with facebook. I cannot figure out how to set up facebook login either. Any help is appreciated.
Shade Administrator 27 Dec 2018
Hello, can you please post the callback URLs you are using? For Facebook you must replace hauth.done to hauth_done. This is an issue which has been brought to my attention recently and I still need to add a notice in the release thread, for which I am sorry.

For Twitter, please make some screenshots of your current app configuration, thank you!
Vince Ultimate 27 Dec 2018
With Facebook do I need to follow the tutorial that you posted for myfbconnect? Which needs a video of something and idk what it is.

Does the hauth issue that plagues Facebook currently affect Twitter as well? Because it won't let me use the given callback url for Twitter neither
Shade Administrator 27 Dec 2018
Yes, I suppose you do need to send your app for verification. This was unnecessary some years ago, but due to recent worldwide efforts to secure users’ privacy, more strict monitoring over applications is constantly being applied and reinforced. The MFC tutorial might also be outdated as more and more controls are added month by month.

Either way, Facebook is very user-friendly and guides you through each sensible data requirement.

I don’t know how Twitter’s situation evolved lately, thus why I need some screenshots (I am also using the phone so I can’t check for myself).
Vince Ultimate 27 Dec 2018
This is using the callback url that flyover gives me for twitter
i even tried changing it from hauth.done to _done and that did nothing.

As for facebook, im not sure what to take a video of to get the keys as it wants a video of the api in use, but i cant do that with the plugin because i dont have the api keys to add to the plugin.
Shade Administrator 27 Dec 2018 Edited
Thank you. I am currently off to the shores but will be available for help this evening (6 am here). If you have a Discord account we can chat there to better communicate. The solution will be posted afterwards for everyone here in this thread.
Vince Ultimate 27 Dec 2018
For sure. My discord is Vince#7467
Shade Administrator 30 Dec 2018
I have sent you a friend request :)
Vince Ultimate 30 Dec 2018
Alright. I'm at work now but I'm on most of the time on mobile as well
Shade Administrator 30 Dec 2018
Seems like you haven't accepted yet. My Discord is Shade#7731, feel free to add me when you've got time.
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