GitHub-like issues have arrived!

5 Aug 2020
A new feature is now available for MyBBoost users: threads in certain forums are now treated as "issues", and OPs can now mark replies as "best answer" or the whole thread as solved.

The functionality is quite basic, but functional. Threads, now called "issues", are sorted into "solved" and "open" categories. You can find the links in the table headers on each forum page. Important threads, such as release threads or documentations, are "pinned" and displayed as stylish cards above anything else, and on each page. The final result is displayed below. Live demo.

[Image: e80OUkZ.png]

OPs will find a check icon next to each post, which they can click to automatically mark the answer as "best" and the whole issue as "solved". OPs can also mark the thread as solved without selecting a best answer, by clicking on the button next to the quick reply form.

[Image: UoibQQM.png]

[Image: AGBItvN.png]

When an answer is marked as "best", it will be displayed immediately below the first post; this is particularly useful for those struggling to find the solution in longer threads. Additionally, a flag below the thread title shows that the issue is marked as solved.

[Image: 6O0NF9t.png]

[Image: c7NnzDX.png]

This website update also brings the latest UIKit version with little, unnoticeable bugfixes and improvements, other than a new and way cooler sorting menu for forums.

[Image: fhzb8hQ.png]

Stay tuned for exciting updates!
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Hüseyin Filiz 7 Aug 2020
Really amazing bro